Casio PX860 Review

Casio PX860 Review

Discover Casio PX860.  In this Casio PX860 review; we will look at its features and specs to determine if it’s worth the value.

PX 860 digital piano replicates the sound and key action of a quality acoustic piano. With this keyboard, you will be able to notice the achievements that have been obtained.
Casio PX860 Review

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Casio PX860 Features

A Grand Revolution

Casio PX-860 is well designed and comes with an advanced AiR sound set which gives an extra level of realism, it includes grand piano lid simulation and sympathetic resonance.

This piano comes in a stylish design with a combination of new keyboard action and a powerful sound engine which offers a new level of an amazing experience.

Piano Sound

PX-860 provides the amazing sound of a nine-foot concert grand piano as it utilizes Casio’s new proprietary sound source “AiR. The grand piano sound is carefully captured in stereo at 4 dynamic levels.

Key Action

It features Casio’s 88 note Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard which is balanced to match the weight and resistance across the range of an 88 note grand piano.

It also features simulated Ebony and Ivory textured keys for an incredible feel. Casio PX 860 action has 3 sensors that aid in capturing the dynamics of a performance with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Powerful Features

Casio PX-860 offers an impressive 256 notes of polyphony and a selection of 18 instrument tones.

The tones include stereo string ensembles, basses as well as electric pianos which are derived from Casio’s award-winning PX-5S.

It also provides split and layer capability which allows you to play bass in your left hand and have 2 layered tones in your right. The Duet mode splits the keyboard into 2 equal ranges, enabling two people to play at the same time.

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Casio PX-860 Specifications

Number of sensors: 3
Hammer Action:  Scaled Hammer Action II ” Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II ”
Key surface finish: Simulated ebony and ivory keys
Stabilizer: Yes
Off Velocity: Yes
Touch Sensitivity: 3 sensitivity levels, off
Max. Polyphony: 256
Number of Built-in Tones: 18
Number of direct tone select buttons             : 3
Duet Mode: Yes
Layer: Yes
Split: Yes
Octave Shift: Yes
Hammer Response: Yes
Damper Resonance: Yes
String Resonance: Yes
Sustain Samples: Yes
Lid Simulator: Yes
Key-Off Simulator: Yes
Hall Simulator: 4 Types
Chorus: 4 Types
Damper Noise Enable: On/Off
Music Library: Yes
Number of Preset Songs:        60
Number of User Songs:          10
Concert Play:              Yes
Number of Preset Songs:        10
Lesson Function:         Part ON / OFF
Metronome:     Yes
Recorder:       Real-Time Recording
Number of Tracks/Songs:       2 Tracks, 1 song
Audio Recording/Playback:    Yes
Audio Recorder Volume:       Yes
Pedals:             Built-in 3 pedals
Half-Damper pedal Operation:           Yes
USB port (to Host): Yes
USB flash drive port:  Yes
Dimensions: 53.8″ x 11.8″ x 33.0″
Weight: 78.3 lbs (35.5kg)

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Kawai CE220

Best Kawai Digital Pianos Reviews

Best Kawai Digital Pianos Reviews: In the digital piano, Kawai is one of the best brands that stand out from the crowd. The Kawai digital and acoustic pianos are known for their quality.

Kawai provides different digital pianos to choose from varying from features to price. Find the best Kawai Digital Piano to buy.

Best Kawai Digital Piano Reviews

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

Kawai CE220 comes with some of the finest features on the market. It features the famous wooden-key action as well as offering the finest touch available in a digital piano. The CE220 is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality digital piano as it features 88-key piano sampling, 192 notes of polyphony, wooden keys, furniture-style construction, responsively realistic pedals, and is easy to use digital piano.

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Kawai CE220 Features

True Touch of a Grand Piano

CE220 features Kawai’s award-winning AWA PROII keyboard action. It utilizes the long wooden keys to recreate both the weight and movement of the grand piano actions. AWA PROII action does an amazing function as it delivers an authentic piano feel that will satisfy even the most discerning pianist.


Kawai CE220 sound is of high quality. It comes with Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology with 88-key piano sampling which enables it to produce high-quality sound.  It is capable of recreating the rich vibrant sound of the nine-foot EX Concert Grand Piano. Also, each key’s unique tonal characteristics are preserved with 88-key sampling

With CE220 you can play any song you like, as it is a 192 note polyphony

Key Action and Realism

CE220 keys are wooden which is not found on most digital pianos. This gives you a realistic key action you need. It also enables you to press the right keys to produce the correct information you need.

CE220 key action is weighted and graded.


Kawai CE 220 comes with three pedals which are damper, sostenuto, and soft

Jack and Connections

CE 220 offers MIDI jacks and a USB jack that are useful for connecting with other musical instruments and computers. The Line In jacks allows an external audio device to be connected so that it can be heard through the instrument’s speaker system.

The Line Out jacks allow you to play through an external sound system.

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Kawai CE220 Main Features:

  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology with 88-Note Piano Sampling
  • 88-Key AWA PROII Wooden-Key, Graded-Hammer Action w/Counterbalancing
  • 22 Exceptional Instrument Sounds
  • 192-Note Polyphony
  • Dual, Split, and Four-Hands Modes
  • 3 Pedals with Half-Damper
  • USB to Device
  • Sliding Key Cover and Matching Bench
  • Beautiful Premium Satin Black Finish

Kawai CE220 Specifications

Keyboard:                           88 Wooden Keys, Graded Hammer
Action:                                  AWA PRO II Action
Sound Source:                   Progressive Harmonic Imaging, 88-Key Sampling
Internal Sounds:                               22 Voices
Polyphony:                         192 Notes
Keyboard Modes:                            Dual, Split, 4 Hands
Internal Recorder:                           three-song, two-track recorder
USB:                      USB Play, USB Load, USB Save, USB Delete, USB Format
Display :               3 Digit LED

Speaker System:                              12 cm x 2, 20W x 2
Dimensions:                       55″ (W) x 20″ (D) x 34″ (H)
Weight:                                137 lbs.


  • Easy to use
  • Unique key action
  • Great textured feel

Kawai CE220 Price

Check Kawai CE220 price below

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Kawai KDP90 Review

Kawai KDP90 offers you great performance. It is perfect for anyone who is on a budget looking for a digital piano with great features. With KDP 90 you will get outstanding value for your money.

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Kawai KDP90 Review

Kawai KDP90 Features


KDP90 is a unique digital piano that utilizes Kawai’s acclaimed Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology. It features 88-key piano sampling technology to create an extraordinary piano sound.


Kawai is known for its touch and feel instruments. It has perfected in this art. Kawai’s digital piano action is of high-quality construction and gives you an authentic feel. This gives players complete freedom in their musical expressions.

The feel of the KDP90 is terrific; this is because of the Advanced Hammer Action IV, the 88-note as well as the graded hammer action with superb feel and sensitivity.

Sliding Key Covers

KDP90 comes with built-in sliding key covers. The covers are well designed to give the keyboard the protection it needs from dust and debris when you are not using the instrument.

Grand Feel Pedal System

KDP 90 features 3 pedals – sostenuto, damper, and soft.


The KDP90 88-key digital Keyboard offers a handy built-in digital metronome with a diversity of time signatures and adjustable tempo. These come in handy when you are practicing.


The piano comes with an easy-to-use three-song build-in recorder. This is ideal for recording your performance or progress.
Kawai KDP90 Review

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Kawai KDP90 Review Main Features:

  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • AHAIV-F Graded-Hammer Action
  • 88-Key Piano Sampling
  • 15 Exceptional Instruments Sounds
  • 192-Note Polyphony
  • Dual and Four-Hands Modes
  • Built-in Alfred Piano Lessons
  • Sliding Key Cover
  • Rosewood Finish
  • Grand Feel Pedal System
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker System

KDP90 Specifications

Keyboard: 88 Weighted Keys
Action: Advanced Hammer Action IV-F (AHA IV-F)
Sound Source: Harmonic Imaging™ Sound Technology, 88-Key Sampling
Internal Sounds: 15 Voices
Polyphony: 192 Notes
Keyboard Modes: Dual Mode, 4-Hands Mode
Internal Recorder: 3 song, 1 track recorder – approximately 15,000 note memory capacity
Speaker System: 12 cm x 2, 13 Watts x 2
Dimensions: 53.4″ (W) x 15.8″ (D) x 22.8″ (H)
Weight: 83.6 lbs.
Finish: Premium Rosewood

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  • Affordable
  • Comes with an attractive rosewood finish
  • Realistic
  • Advanced Hammer Action IV-F key action
  • For a beginner, comes with a set of Alfred lessons to help you start learning


  • Does not come with a large number of digital features

Kawai ES100 Review

Discover Kawai ES100 Review. The ES100 is an excellent portable piano that combines top-quality graded hammer key action and 88-note piano sampling to give you an amazing experience.

We are going to look at Kawai ES 100, find out its main features, specifications, and what makes it one of the best portable digital pianos to purchase.

Piano Keys Polyphony Price
Kawai ES100 88 192 Check on Amazon

Kawai ES100 is one of the finest digital keyboards on the market. It is of high quality and comes with many amazing features that will blow your mind away.

The ES100 comes with a graded hammer action keyboard. It is highly realistic and provides the resistance you need. It also comes with eight different piano sounds.Best Kawai Digital Pianos Reviews

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Kawai ES100 Features


ES100 makes use of Kawai’s acclaimed Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology. It also features 88-key piano sampling which enables the creation of its impressive piano sound.

Sound Quality

The ES100 sound is as close to an acoustic grand piano. It also comes with 8 different piano voices to select as well as nineteen voices that are of excellent quality. With ES100, you can play even the complex pieces as it comes with 192 notes. The sound that comes out of the speakers is great.


The touch and feel of the ES100 is excellent, thanks to the Advanced Hammer Action IV, 88-note, and graded hammer action which comes with superb feel and sensitivity.

Built-in Alfred Lessons

It features lesson songs that you can use in your practice.

Song Recorder

Kawai ES100 provides you with an easy-to-use three-Song built-in Recorder. This makes it ideal for self-evaluation.

It also comes with dual and split modes for combining the voices, headphone jack, 192 notes of polyphony, and 19 different voices.

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Kawai ES100 Main Features:

  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • AHAIV-F Graded-Hammer Action
  • 88-Key Piano Sampling
  • 19 Sounds, Including 8 Exceptional Piano Sounds
  • 192-Note Polyphony
  • Dual and Split Modes
  • Built-in Alfred Piano Lessons
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker System
  • Damper Pedal with Half-Dampering
  • Available Matching Stand and Pedal Assembly

ES100 Primary Specifications – Kawai ES100 Specs

Keyboard:                           88 Weighted Keys
Action:                  Advanced Hammer Action IV-F
Internal Sounds:                               18 Voices
Polyphony:                         192 Notes
Keyboard Modes:                            Dual, Split
Internal Recorder:                           3 Song / 1-Track Recorder
Speaker System:                              (8 x 12 cm) x 2, 7 W x 2
Weight:                                33 lbs.
Dimensions:                       51.6″ (W) x 11.2″ (D) x 5.7″ (H)


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Quality sound
  • 192 notes of polyphony


  • A little expensive compared to other keyboards
  • Speakers are not extremely powerful

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Korg SP170s Review

Korg SP170s Review : Specs & Features

Looking for Korg SP170s Digital keyboard? Find out about Korg SP170s Review. On this page, we are going to look at Korg SP170s Specs, features, and find out what makes it tick.

The Korg SP170s is well designed to give you everything you need in a piano in terms of sound quality and realistic key action. It is a beautiful and simplistic digital keyboard

Korg sp170s for Sale

This keyboard from Korg focuses only on the most important features you need in a piano-like key action and realistic sound.
Korg SP170s Review: Specs & Features

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Korg SP170s Features

Easy to use instrument

The SP-170 piano is designed in such a way that it is easy to use. Its simplicity has made it to be more popular among pianists. Its popularity came as a result of its focus on the pianistic essentials of sound and playing touch. The volume and power switch has been placed in a place that enables the user to operate the digital keyboard with ease.

The sound and piano play button has also been added.

Weighted Hammer Action

The New Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard is precisely weighted to reproduce an acoustic piano touch and feel. It also comes with 3 levels of Key Touch Control. This enables the keyboard response to be matched to nearly any playing style.

New Sounds

SP-170S features a duo of concert grand piano sounds. Each sound has been lavishly recorded with meticulous care. The many velocity layers are used to capture nuances of playing dynamics which allows the instrument to respond expressively to every delicate touch.

Other sounds such as harpsichord electric piano and organ have also been provided.

Reverb and Chorus effects

It comes with selected Reverb and Chorus effects which add an extra dimension to the SP-170S’s sound.


The SP170S comes with a newly enhanced speaker system. It has 2 oval speakers that generate enough sound that will amaze you. The design is also done in such a way that it improves the resonance and tone, giving you a more powerful sound.

Dual headphone outputs

It has 2 headphone jacks that allow two people to enjoy the sound at the same time. Ideal for playing duets or sharing songs with a friend

Korg SP170s Review

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More about Korg SP170s

  • Simple in design
  • Quality sound
  • Piano Play button that instantly recalls the main piano sound
  • Ten internal sounds
  • 2 skillfully sampled concert grand piano sounds
  • Natural Weighted Hammer Action
  • The Key Touch Control
  • Improved speaker quality
  • Reverb effect
  • Damper pedal
  • Available in either or black or white to complement any environment

Find: Korg Sp170s Power Supply

Korg SP170s Specs

Available Finishes

  • White (SP170SWH)
  • Black (SP170SBK)


  • 88 notes (A0–C8), Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH)

Touch Control

  • Three Level(Light, Standard, Heavy)

Sound System

  • Stereo Sampling

Maximum Polyphony

  • 120 notes / 60 notes (Stereo)


  • 10


  • Reverb; Chorus

Demo Songs

  • 10 songs


  • Out


  • 9 Watt × 2


  • 10cm x 5cm Oval x 2; Bass Reflex housing

Power supply

  • DC 12 V

Power Consumption

  • 9 W


(W x D x H) 1,312 × 325 × 144 mm / 51.65″ × 12.8″ × 5.67″


  • 12 kg / 26.45 lbs

Korg sp170s Price

The Korg SP170s is well priced. You will not believe the Korg SP170s – 88 – Key Digital Piano price and the features it comes with

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Korg SP250 Review

Korg SP250 Review

Discover Korg SP250. In this page we are going to look at Korg SP250 Reviews. Korg is known to make one of the finest digital portable keyboards in the market. SP250 has not been left behind; it comes with amazing features that will make you love the keyboard.

The SP250’s RH3 graded hammer action keyboard is one of the finest keyboards in the market. It comes with multi-velocity keys. It also has rich piano sounds which are extremely realistic.
Korg SP250 Review

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Korg SP250 Features

Sound Quality

Korg SP250 comes with a powerful sound engine as well as an amazing piano sound which enables the replication of all of the nuances you get with an actual hammer striking a string.

Depending on the force you use or how hard you press the keys, it is able to detect and produce a note which perfectly matches the struck.

The SP250 is able to replicate a full range of tones, volumes and notes making it exceptionally realistic sounding. The keyboard comes with 30 different amazing voices which most of them have more the same level of quality.

The SP-250 portable digital stage piano also includes a rich array of sounds that will extend your performance possibilities.

Key Action and Realism

Korg RH3 graded hammer action keyboard is one of the company’s finest. The key action offers 3 response curves to match any playing style. It provides an increasing level of resistance as you go from higher to lower notes.


The SP-250 Digital Piano is perfect for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of portability. The keyboard is lightweight.

More about Korg SP 250

  • Offers three response curves to match any playing style
  • Thirty on-board sounds organs
  • It gives you a true piano performance
  • Dual Headphone outputs
  • Selectable Reverb and Chorus effects
  • Lightweight
  • Dual headphone jacks
  • 30 onboard sounds
  • Two resonating 22-watt total power speakers
  • MIDI connectivity

Korg SP250 Review

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  • Equipped with RH3 graded hammer action keyboard
  • Provides plenty of realistic resistance
  • Comes with 3 different response curves to match any playing style
  • Sensitive keys
  • Powerful sound engine
  • It comes with many powerful features that set it apart from the competitors

Get this Korg SP 250 for sale today

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Nord Stage 2 Review

Nord Stage 2 Review

Discover Nord Stage 2 Review. On this page, we are going to look at Nord Stage 2 and see what makes it tick, what makes it the best choice among stage performers.

This Nord Stage 2 digital keyboard is a darling to many performers. It comes with many different sliders and dials to give you a limitless variety of audio adjustments. You will love this piano once you set your eyes on it. It is one of the most powerful digital pianos available on the market for those seeking the best performance.

Piano Key Polyphony Price
Nord Stage 2 73






Check on Amazon

In this Nord Stage 2 review, we will go into Nord Stage 88 key piano to find out which features makes the instrument great.

The Nord Stage 2 comes with many features that make it worth purchasing. The piano features Nord Sample Library, MIDI over USB, B3, and transistor organ engine from C2, and added memory. All in a remarkably user-friendly interface where all essential functions are just a button away!

Nord stage 2 keyboard represents a striking new look famous for the Stage series. It Utilizes the very latest sound generation technology in the three categories of Piano, Synthesizer, and Organ which are well combined with a well-thought-out user-friendly interface.

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Nord Stage 2 features

Piano Section

  • Advanced Vintage Electric Pianos
  • State-of-the-art sample-based Acoustic Pianos
  • Long Piano Release
  • Advanced String Resonance
  • Nord Piano Library compatible
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise through optional Nord Triple Pedal

Synth Section

  • Powerful Classic analog, FM, and Wavetable synthesis
  • Nord Sample Library compatible
  • Sample Playback
  • Master Clock
  • Arpeggiator

Organ Section

  • Classic Vox and Farfisa organs Simulations
  • Advanced rotary speaker model
  • B3 tonewheel organ modeling
  • Draw buttons with LED bar graphs to give you an easy overview of active drawbar settings.

Global features

  • Single-function control knobs and instant visibility of current settings
  • Comprehensive Effects section
  • An external section that enables Nord Stage 2 to serve as a master keyboard
  • Expanded Live Mode with 5 locations

Three Models

Nord stage 2 keyboard comes in 3 models: Stage 2 HA76, Stage 2 HA88 which features the fully weighted Hammer Action keyboard, and Stage 2 SW73 which features a 73-note Semi Weighted Waterfall keyboard


Stage 2 has 3 sound-generating sections; Organ, Piano, and Synthesizer. They can all be used at the same time.


The Stage two Piano segment features state-of-the-art sampling techniques; it captures the extraordinary nuances and real character of the individual source instruments.

It combines with intelligent String Resonance to reproduces the sound of the piano strings resonating at their fundamental or harmonic frequencies. The compatibility of Nord Triple Pedal adds Dynamic Pedal Noise to give you amazing realism.

Another new feature in Nord Stage 2 is the Long Release function. You get a longer release suitable for legato playing when it is activated. It reflects adjusting the damper tension in an acoustic or an electromechanical instrument.

The Nord Triple Pedal provides you with amazing control of the mechanical noise during operation and also sostenuto and soft pedals.

Organ Section

This piano uses the B3 Organ model, which is the same as that one found in the highly praised Nord C2 Organ. This organ is based on the analysis of the signals from each of the ninety-one spinning discs inside several original instruments and painstaking work on understanding exactly how all the components interact with each other.

The Keyboard

The Stage 2 HA88 and Stage 2 HA76 feature fully weighted Hammer Action keyboards. This keyboard’s response has been improved when playing fast and repeated notes.

Stage 2 SW73 features a 73-note Semi-Weighted Waterfall keyboard.

Nord Stage 2 Review


  • Gives you full control
  • Comes with many useful features
  • Highly realistic key action
  • Great piano sound

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