Roland F-120 Review

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Best Roland Digital Pianos Reviews: From affordable portable pianos to luxurious digital grand pianos. Roland’s piano offers you a wide range.

Roland F 120 Review

Find Roland F 120 Review below. Roland F-120is a SuperNATURAL Piano in a modern Cabinet.

F-120 is stylish and an ideal choice for piano enthusiasts who are looking for authentic sound and touch in a space-saving, a contemporary cabinet, and at an affordable price.

Roland F120 makes use of the Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine, providing the ultimate piano sound and response. Its minimalist aesthetic design will blend into any home interior.

Roland F-120 is a piano that fulfills many wishes in piano players. It comes with many features found in higher models at an affordable price.
Roland F-120 Review

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In this Roland F-120 review, we are going to look at its features as well as other specs of the instrument

SuperNATURAL Piano engine

F120 brings a new level of authentic sound and natural performance with its SuperNATURAL Piano engine. It aids in analyzing the complex and ever-changing characteristics of concert grand pianos. It captures and reproduces the tonal variations based on the velocity of each keystroke.

With Supernatural, 3 key elements are noticeably enhanced: note decay, velocity response, and key-range behavior.

Slim Cabinet Design

Roland F-120 digital piano is a slim, stylish, compact piano. It can fit anywhere within your room. It comes with a unique folding-lid design that covers the keyboard. It also serves as a music rest when it is raised.

F120 is available in 2 stunning finishes: Satin White and Black

Ivory Feel-G Keyboard

The keyboard is fitted with an Ivory Feel-G keyboard which features Progressive Hammer Action. The F120 gives you an expression and performance that rivals that of high-end pianos by combining the newest sensor technologies and SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine.

Skill-Building Features

F120 Roland piano is more than great, it is equipped with amazing features that will enhance your skills. For instance, Twin-Piano is designed for you to have side-by-side lessons or performances with a duet partner or a teacher. The twin piano feature enables the keyboard to be split into two sections, each covering the same octaves. You can easily hear what the teacher is hearing the teaching and replicate the practice.

Also, the left and right pedals can be reassigned to act as damper pedals for either side of the split keyboard. It also has a built-in metronome and recorder.

Roland F-120 Review

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More about Roland F120

  • SuperNATURAL Piano engine onboard
  • Compact, lightweight, and stylish cabinet
  • Ivory Feel-G keyboard for true piano feel and touch
  • The Metronome, a recorder, and Twin Piano features
  • Dedicated front-panel buttons for piano practice, performance, and lessons
  • Low power consumption and Auto-Off function
  • Two classy finishes: Satin Black and White

Roland F 120 Specs


  • 88 keys (Ivory Feel-G keyboard)

Touch Sensitivity

  • 5 levels, Fixed Touch

Keyboard Modes

  • Whole, Twin Piano

Sound Generator

Piano Sound

  • SuperNATURAL Piano Sound

Max. Polyphony

  • 128 voices


  • 30 tones

Stretch Tuning

  • Always On

Master Tuning

  • 3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)


  • -6 to +5 (in semitones)


  • Reverb (Off, 1 to 10)
  • Brilliance (-10 to 0 to +10)

Only for Piano Tones:

  • String Resonance (Always On)
  • Damper Resonance (Always On)
  • Key-Off Resonance (Always On)



  • 1 track


  • Recorder Section: 1 song
  • Internal Memory: Max. 10 songs

Note Storage

  • 30,000 notes


  • Song Select
  • Play/Stop
  • Rec
  • Previous/Rewinding
  • Next/Fast-forwarding
  • Track Mute
  • Tempo
  • All Song Play
  • Count-in


  • Quarter note = 10 to 500


  • 120 ticks per quarter note


  • Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8

Internal Memory


  • 10 songs


Internal Songs

  • 189 songs

Rated Power Output

  • 12 W x 2


  • [8 cm x 12 cm] x 2


  • Damper
  • Soft
  • Sostenuto

Other Functions

  • Panel Lock
  • MIDI Visual Control


  • DC In jack
  • Pedal connector
  • Input jack: Stereo miniature phone type
  • Output jacks (L/Mono, R): 1/4-inch phone type
  • MIDI connectors (In, Out)
  • Headphone jack x 2: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type

Power Consumption

  • 12 W (4 W to 24 W)


  • Owner’s Manual
  • AC Adaptor
  • Power Cord (for connecting AC Adaptor)
  • Headphone Hook

Size and Weight (With the lid closed, stabilizers mounted)

Width (W)

  • 1,361 mm
  • 53-5/8 inches

Depth (D)

  • 345 mm
  • 13-5/8 inches

Height (H)

  • 778 mm
  • 30-11/16 inches


  • 34 kg
  • 75 lbs.

Roland RD-300NX Review

RD300NX is a lightweight and affordable digital piano. It is very popular and similar to Roland’s RD-700NX.

The RD 300nx is a state-of-the-art stage piano that boasts an advanced SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, E. Piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology, newly developed Ivory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement, unique Sound Focus feature, and more.

This digital piano is popular with those using it for practice as well as stage performances. It contains almost all the features you would find in expensive pianos, making it an outstanding piano to consider buying.

The RD 300nx is lightweight and this makes it easy to move it from one point to another.
Roland RD-300NX Review

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Let’s jump into the Roland-300NX review.

SuperNATURAL Sound
RD-300NX produces acoustic piano sounds which are derived from Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine.

The SuperNATURAL Piano technology improves the note decay, velocity response, as well as key-range behavior.

Apart from the good acoustic piano tone, RD-300NX comes with over 100 other tones to select. In terms of quality, this keyboard is a plus.

It is also capable of 128 notes of polyphony, best for playing highly complicated pieces

Ivory Feel-G Keyboard
The keyboard incorporates most of Roland’s sensor, Ivory Feel features as well as escapement mechanism. This keyboard provides the superior touch and sensitivity of Roland’s flagship keyboards. It comes lightweight with a compact design.

More about RD 300NX

  • SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine
  • Innovative Sound Focus feature
  • New E. Piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology
  • Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement
  • Hundreds of high-quality built-in sounds
  • Intuitive U/I: new One Touch Piano feature and graphic LCD
  • Sustain pedal sold separately

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Roland RD-300NX specifications

Keyboard: 88 keys (Ivory Feel-G keyboard)

Maximum Polyphony: 128 voices

Parts: Live Set (3 layers) + 16 parts

Sound Generator: SuperNATURAL Piano, SuperNATURAL (E.Piano), PCM Sound Generator, GM2 (for SMF Playback)

Tones: 939 (includes GM2 tones and 23 rhythm kits)

Live Set

  • Preset: 200
  • User: 60


  • Multi-Effects: 78 types
  • Reverb: 6 types
  • Chorus: 3 types
  • 3-band Compressor
  • 3-band Digital Equalizer
  • Sound Focus

SMF/Audio File Player

File Format

  • Standard MIDI File: format-0/1
  • Audio File: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear)


Rhythm Patterns: 200 patterns


  • LAYER LEVEL slider x 3
  • EQUALIZER knobs
  • Pitch Bend/Modulation lever
  • S1/S2 Buttons (Assignable)

Display: 128 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)


  • OUTPUT jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
  • CONTROL PEDAL jack (FC1, FC2)
  • MIDI connectors (IN, OUT)
  • USB connectors (MIDI, MEMORY)
  • PHONES jack: stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • DC IN jack

Power Consumption: 11 W

Size and Weight


  • 1,438 mm
  • 56-5/8 inches


  • 337 mm
  • 13-5/16 inches


  • 141 mm
  • 5-9/16 inches

Weight: 17.5 kg / 38 lbs. 10 oz.


  • Touch-sensitive keys
  • Good audio
  • Responsive / good action
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
Williams Legato Review

Williams Legato Review

Discover Williams Legato Review. We are going to look at Williams Legato Digital Piano Review on this page.

This piano comes with amazing features, the 88-key digital piano is said to be one of the best instruments that you can invest in. The Keyboard is one of the cheap 88 key keyboard pianos on the market.

Table Key Polyphony Price
Williams Legato 88 32 Check on Amazon

Williams Legato is a digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys, 5 amazing sounds, and built-in speakers. The piano features a split/layer function and a built-in metronome.

Williams Legato 88 key weighted digital piano is ultra-portable and perfect for practicing as well as performing.

Let’s jump into the Williams Legato 88-key digital piano review

Williams Legato Review

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Williams Legato Features – William Legato Review

Sound Quality

It has a rich and amazing sound that you will love. It comes with five voices and is of good quality. The voices are easily split-able.

It also comes with 32 notes of polyphony, although not a lot, it gives the piano’s sound a little more flexibility for some more difficult songs.

It comes with two built-in speakers (10W) speakers that provide an extraordinary amount of volume when turned on.

Its sound quality is quite impressive for an inexpensive keyboard.

Legato digital piano contains five built-in voices. You can easily select each voice at a time or you can layer them to produce more than one voice. The voices in this 88 key piano for sale include Electric Piano, Piano, Synth, Organ, and Bass.

Split Mode
The Split Mode feature enables you to divide the keyboard into two sections to enable you to play different voices with the left and right hands. Each voice volume may be independently adjusted. The Split Point may also be adjusted as desired.

Reverb and Chorus Buttons
On each voice, you can apply the Reverb and Chorus effects. It will be retained even if you switch the power off.

Key Action and Realism

Williams Legato digital piano is a weighted key action that offers an abundance of realism. The keys have a nice feel when you play. They are also sensitive to touch to give you the best realism you need.

More about Williams Legato

  • 88 semi-weighted keys
  • Split and layer function
  • Five sounds
  • Individually applicable reverb and chorus
  • MIDI I/O via USB connectivity
  • The music library of five preset songs
  • Built-in metronome
  • Made to be powered off of six D batteries
  • You can purchase an adapter separately that allows plug it into an AC outlet.

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Williams Legato Specifications


  • Number of keys: 88 Key
  • Action: Semi-weighted
  • Key size: Full
  • Aftertouch / Velocity: Velocity Sensitive
  • Key Type: Piano-style


  • Number of voices: 5
  • Polyphony (max): 32-note
  • Layers: Yes
  • Split: Yes


  • AUX input: No
  • MIDI Connectivity: MIDI In/Out (USB)
  • Line output: Yes
  • Line input: No
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Headphone jacks: 1
  • Pedal inputs: 1 (sustain)
  • Storage type: Not applicable
  • Expandability available: No

Onboard Features

  • Recording/Playback Not applicable
  • Accompaniment styles: Not applicable
  • Preset Songs: 5
  • Display: None
  • Effects: Yes
  • Built-in speakers: Yes
  • Pitch bend/Modulation: Not applicable
  • Other controls: Not applicable


  • Reverb: Yes
  • Chorus: Yes
  • Delay: No
  • Equalizer: No
  • Arpeggio: No
  • Other: No


  • Weight: 19 lb.
  • Width: 1,270mm
  • Height: 88.9mm
  • Depth: 279.4mm
  • Power adapter: Sold separately
  • Sustain Pedal: Sold Separately
  • Batteries: 6 x D (not included)
Williams Allegro 2 Review

Williams Allegro 2 Review

Williams Allegro 2 Digital Piano: On this page, we are going to look at Williams Allegro 2 Review, what makes the keyboard worth its value, what specs and features does it have and much more.

The Williams Allegro digital piano is a very flexible digital piano that comes ready for you to start playing once you get it out of the box. The piano offers a lot of advanced features and settings. Its features make it be one best for both beginners, intermediate as well as advanced pianists.

Piano Key Polyphony Price
Williams Allegro 2 88 64 Check on Amazon

Compared to its competitors, Allegro piano is very innovative in terms of features and its price is affordable. That’s why many people love the williams allegro 88-key digital piano.

Williams Allegro 2 Review

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Williams allegro digital piano review

Sound Quality

Williams Allegro 88 digital piano sound quality is perfect. Many Williams Allegro reviews indicate that the reverb effect on the piano is just amazing. It gives the Allegro a wonderfully realistic sound that sounds more like the sound you get from the strings of a traditional piano.

If you are playing it at home or at the stage, Williams keyboard allegro has enough sound quality and it can produce any sound you would love. It has an amazing full-bodied sound even if it has a compact design.

Key Action and Realism

Williams Allegro 2 Review

Williams Allegro digital piano key action is a masterpiece of its own kind. It is one of the most praised in this digital keyboard, this digital piano perfectly mimics the feel of a hammer striking strings. How wonderful is it to play this keyboard on Williams allegro 88-key digital piano stand. You will sound like a pro.

The keyboard is fully weighted and comes with sensitive keys that provide a satisfactorily realistic experience.

More about Williams Allegro 2

  • Music rest
  • Williams Allegro 2 88-key digital piano
  • Owner’s manual
  • Battery Operation Guide

The power supply and the sustain pedal in Williams Allegro 2 are sold separately. You can and some of these main accessories at a fair price.  If you prefer to play the piano on the go, you can use the six D-type cell batteries.

Williams Allegro 2 comes in a new design compared to the original Allegro. The design is derived from a complete aesthetic renewal process. It offers a more professional and striking look. It is lightweight but solid.

Its main interface is situated on the top panel. It includes the volume knob, power switch, Metronome, Octave, Transpose, LCD display, Function options, Song and Record modes, and much more button functions.

On the back panel, it contains the USB port for MIDI applications

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  • Key action
  • Fully weighted keys
  • Affordable

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Williams Overture 2 Review

Discover Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Pianos. On this page we are going to look at Williams Overture 2 Review, What makes it tick and worth purchasing.

The Williams Overture piano comes with many amazing features, and it is well designed.

Piano Key Polyphony Price
Williams Overture 88 64 Check on Amazon

Overture 2 redefines digital piano elegance. It comes complete with a classic, stylish ebony gloss finish, robust sound palette, unique feel, and many extra features.

Williams Overture Keyboard comes with a fully weighted keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity, sustenuto, sustain, and soft pedals, 143 very realistic voices, and 64-note polyphony.

In this Williams Overture 2 Review, we will take a closer look at these features.
Williams Overture 2 Review

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Williams Overture 2 Features

Quality Sound

The sound quality of the Williams Overture 88 key digital piano is just perfect. You will understand when we say of a fine piano. When you play it, it produces a rich and remarkable sound that is unmatched with most digital pianos in the same price category.

The speakers on Williams Overture 2 are loud enough; you can even use them in a concert or performance.  Its sound quality is one of the best. It has not been compromised to make the keyboard affordable.

Key Action and Realism

The key action of the Williams Overture 2 is a fully weighted keyboard. It provides plenty of realism for all levels.  The sensitivity of the keys can be adjusted to fit one’s personal preferences.

The key action might not be as perfect as you might want but it’s one of the best that you can get.

More Features and Specifications

  • The overture comes with both MIDI, AUX connectivity, and USB as well as a headphone jack.
  • Comes with three pedals, sustenuto, sustain, and soft
  • Equipped with a metronome
  • Play-along songs
  • 88 weighted keys
  • Luxurious chassis
  • 147 sounds
  • Four-speaker amplification system
  • 2-track recorder
  • Split/layer/duet function

Williams OvertureCheck Price on Amazon >>

Williams Overture 2 Specs


  • Number of keys: 88 Key
  • Key size: Full
  • Action: Hammer action
  • Aftertouch / Velocity: Adjustable
  • Key Type: Piano-style


  • Polyphony: 64-note
  • Number of voices: 147
  • Split: Yes
  • Layers: Yes


  • MIDI Connectivity: MIDI over USB
  • AUX input: Yes
  • Line output: RCA, 1/4″
  • Headphone jacks: 2
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Pedal inputs: 3
  • Storage type: Internal and USB flash port
  • Expandability available: No

Onboard Features

  • Recording/Playback MIDI sequencer
  • Accompaniment styles: Not applicable
  • Display: Backlight LCD
  • Preset Songs: 55
  • Effects: Yes
  • Built-in speakers: Yes
  • Pitch bend/Modulation: Not applicable
  • Other controls: Not applicable


  • Chorus: Yes
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Delay: No
  • Equalizer: No
  • Arpeggio: Yes
  • Other: Yes


  • Width: 54 in.
  • Depth: 20 in.
  • Height: 34 in.
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Power: Adapter included
  • Batteries: Not applicable
  • Stand or bench: Built-in stand


  • The key action is very realistic
  • Has an adjustable touch sensitivity which allows you to fine-tune to your own preferences.
  • Good sound quality
  • 143 voices
Casio Privia PX130 88-Key Digital Keyboard

Casio Privia PX-130 Review

Discover Casio Privia PX-130. In this Casio Privia PX 130 Review, we are going to look at what makes it tick, what makes the PX-130 better than the others, we will highlight its features and specs.

The Casio PX-130 is a very popular digital piano. It comes with great features from its sound, to the key action. It redefines the digital piano category; it features the grand piano samples and the Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard. Casio has really paid attention even to the smallest details of the piano.

Casio PX 130 Review

Casio Privia PX-130 can be used at home, school, church, or the stage.
Casio Privia PX130 88-Key Digital Keyboard

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Casio Privia PX-130 Features

Sound Quality

Casio Privia PX-130 grand piano sound delivers an unparalleled level of realism and expression. Four different levels of stereo piano samples have been integrated with Casio’s proprietary Linear Morphing System that is used to create the seamless grand piano sound produced by PX-130. When the dampers are raised via pedal using Acoustic Resonance DSP the PX-130 simulates the sound of open strings.

Light Weight

The PX 130 was created to be lightweight and portable. You can carry it to work, home, or your place of practice. You can easily detach it from the optional CS-67 stand.

Key Action

Casio Privia PX130 features a Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard. After long manufacturing of keyboards, the Casio has been able to engineer an authentic piano touch that captures every detail and tone of your performance.

The scaled hammer action provides the feel, weight, and resistance of a piano without forfeiting the portability of the keyboard.

Advanced Technology

The PX-130 features 128 notes of polyphony; this is all you need as a pianist.  With this, you are able to play even the difficult musical passages and the ability to layer sounds.

In addition, the PX-130 can connect effortlessly to your computer via USB without the need to install drivers.

More about Casio px 130 review

  • Comes equipped with a high-quality set of speakers
  • The sound of the PX-130 is extremely impressive
  • PX-130 comes with 16 built-in voices
  • The voices can also be split or layered
  • It comes with a music library of 60 songs
  • The piano has inputs/outputs for USB
  • Has 2 connections for headphones
  • Contains a damper pedal
  • Two 8W speakers

Casio Privia PX130 88-Key Digital Keyboard

Check on Amazon

PX-130 Specs

Keyboard:           88 keys, weighted scaled hammer action
Sound Source:   4 level stereo samples, Linear Morphing System
Acoustic Resonance:      Yes
Polyphony (maximum) :               128
Tones    16:
Reverb:                4 types
Chorus:                4 types
Brillianance:        -3 to +3
Layer  (with variable balance):   Yes
Split:      Yes
Duet Mode:       Yes
Metronome:      0,2,3,4,5,6 beats
Transpose:          -12 to +12 semitones
Tuning Control: A4=440Hz +99 cents
Temperament(preset scale) :     equal temperament + 16 scales
Recorder:            1 Song, 2 Tracks
Preset Songs:    60
USB Storage (utilizing PC) :           Yes
Speakers:            (13cmx6cm) x2
Amplifier:            8W + 8W


USB to Host (USB MIDI):              Yes, supporting XP, Vista, Mac
Damper (Sustain):          Yes
Connector for SP32 (3 Pedal Unit):          Yes
Headphones:     Yes x 2

AC Adaptor:       Yes(AD-A12150LW)
Music Stand:      Yes
Pedal:   Yes, SP-3
Score Book:        Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Unit size – W x D x H:       52.05” x 11.26” x 5.31”
Unit weight in pounds:  24.7 lbs
Boxed weight:   33.52 lbs


  • Has an ultra-realistic key action.
  • When you play the digital piano you feel like an acoustic piano
  • It has quality sound


  • It’s a bit expensive than other keyboards

Casio Privia px 130 Price

Finally, it’s time to check Casio Privia px 130 prices. Check at the price of  Casio px 130 below


PX-130 digital piano is the top-rated keyboard with a key action and sound quality. If you are searching for a versatile and most realistic keyboard Casio Privia PX-130 is your choice.