MiR Weighted Vest

MiR Weighted Vest Review ; Buyers Guide

Discover the MiR Weighted Vest. In this article, we are going to look at MiR Weighted Vest Review. Its features and what makes it one of the best-weighted vests.

The MiR weighted vest is well crafted for all sorts of training that require enormous muscle strength.

The vest acts as a protection from any injury that may occur as a result of uneven weight during training. As you build your muscles, the vest will enable you to take the pressure and give you the balance you need.

When you are physically active, the MiR weighted vest will help you burn calories faster. You can wear it when running, hiking, or workout. It will help you perspire faster leading to loss of weight faster. MiR Vest is a vest you must get for your workout.
MiR Weighted Vest Review

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MiR Weighted Vest Review

The Mir weighted vest review helps you to perfectly match your needs. We will look at its features and more to help you identify what you need.

Adjustable weight

MiR Weighted vest comes with a full set of weights. They can be adjusted from 3 to 60 lbs to increase the resistance adeptness. When you purchase the 70lbs of heavier, its maximum weight will be 90lbs.

The removable weights are situated high on the torso to protect the stomach from any injury as you run or train. To adjust the weights just move them to a desirable position you might need.

The MiR Weighted Vests are completely adjustable for comfort; adjust them to your shape and style.


The MiR vest is well designed to be long-lasting; it is made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon which features double padded shoulders for added comfort and mesh vented inside for breathability especially when you are sweating. The vented mesh helps in reducing the body temperature.

This mir-weight vest padding is crafted to be contoured to your shoulder for maximum comfort.

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Adjustable straps

The vest features easy-to-adjust straps which can easily be adjusted to fit your body length. All you need to do is slide the straps up and down through the D rings.

One Size Fits Most

One size of this vest can fit most people. No need to worry as it comes with adjustable straps that you can easily strap.

Removal of Weights

In all models, you can easily remove the weights. The weights are also adjustable in 3lbs increments.

Double padded shoulder

The double-padded shoulder is designed to give you the maximum comfort you need.

More about MiR Weighted Vest

  • Padded shoulders provide comfort
  • It can be adjusted to your desired height or weight
  • Removable weight
  • Made from durable material.
  • Has a vented mesh to provide breathability
  • Best for daily exercise

MiR Weighted Vest Buyer’s Guide

MiR Weighted Vest Weights

The MiR Weighted Vest comes in different weights to choose from. It can range from 10lbs to above 140lbs

Who Can Buy MiR Weighted Vest?

The MiR Weighted Vest can be bought by bodybuilders, Professional and Amateur Athletes, Martial Artists, Power-walkers, Martial Artists, Mountain Climbers, Firemen, Police Officers, the Military, or anyone who wants to add some intensity to their workout routine.

MiR Weighted Vest Usage

The vest can be used for:-

  • Strength training
  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss

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