Best GoPro Selfie Sticks

Best GoPro Selfie Sticks

Best GoPro Selfie Sticks: Apart from owning a GoPro, there are some important accessories that you need to have, an accessory that will make your life easier.

One of the GoPro accessories to have is the GoPro stick.

The GoPro stick is best for carrying around if you need the best selfies.

But the question arises,

Which is the best GoPro selfie stick?

A good GoPro selfie stick should have the best quality construction that will hold your GoPro firmly in place and prevent it from falling.

Best GoPro Selfie Sticks

Find the best GoPro sticks available on the market that you can buy.

GoPro El Grande 38in Extension Pole – Best GoPro Pole

Best GoPro Pole

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El Grande is aluminum, 38in extension pole for GoPro. This accessory takes your GoPro to a whole new level. It enables you to capture the moment and get closer to the real action.

This pole is the best deal; it is collapsible down to 15in for on-the-go use.

At the end of the pole, it features an integrated ball and socket design that allows you to make adjustments or swivel your GoPro 360 Degree without having to stop and remove the camera.

It is best for snowboarding, skiing, biking, and skateboarding

More about the product

  • It extends to 38in for new perspectives
  • It collapses to 15in
  • Easy to pack and use when you are on the move
  • Has a premium grip that enables you to comfortably use your hands to hold the El Grande
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Features a Twist-lock design for quick and easy use

Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

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Smatree Telescoping Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand is an amazing flexible selfie stick for your travel needs. It features a flexible ball head mount for 360-degree rotation and a fast locking system that can easily be adjusted to your desired angle and tilt.

The selfie stick enables one to quickly adjust the lengths from 11.8″ to 36.6″. To do this, twist counter-clockwise to release, then choose the desired length and twist clockwise to lock. This will offer you the optimum shooting effect.

This selfie stick is made of a high-quality aluminum tube to give you maximum durability. You can use it for your extreme sports as well as exploring nature.

More about the selfie stick

  • Features a universal tripod stand
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • The foldable and compact design makes it portable.
  • Features a flexible ball head that provides a 360-degree rotation angle for your camera and your cell phone so that you can get the different best shooting positions.
  • The Slip-resistant rubber and wrist strap around the selfie stick prevent it from unexpected falling off
  • Adjustable selfie stick

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth

This is one of the best go pro sticks to buy. The Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Remote is ideal for GoPro Camera and other smartphones.

The Upgrade Version of Bluetooth Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Remote perfect tits for Smartphone and Camera

When you have this Selfie Stick, you will definitely enjoy your life. It is one of the best choices for family gatherings, graduation, wedding, hiking trip, nights out, holidays, and the list is endless.

This GoPro stick can also make a good gift for families or friends who love taking photos.

The removable Bluetooth remote controller enables you to separate the controller from the selfie stick phone tripod to enjoy the portable shutter control.

It features a micro USB port at the bottom of the controller for charging.

More about the BlitzWolf Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth

  • 30m fully charge
  • 50000h lifespan
  • Compatible with a wide range of Smartphones
  • Lightweight pocket-size selfie stick tripod
  • Features an adjustable angle and rotatable phone holder
  • Selfie stick tripod with separable Bluetooth remote

GoPro Selfie Sticks Guide

When purchasing a GoPro selfie stick there are a number of factors that you need to consider. Below are the main factors to look into:-


This is one of the important factors to consider when buying a GoPro selfie stick. Look GoPro selfie stick is adjustable. There are times you need to get shots at a particular length; if the selfie stick is not adjustable it will not give you the results you want.

Choose the one that has a long length. There are those that also come with a twist and lock mechanism that enables you to easily make the adjustments.


The GoPro stick should be easy to connect. Look for a stick that will give you an easy time when setting up. There are some that come with Bluetooth features to enable you to set it up with ease.

If going for a Bluetooth one, you also need to check the battery life so that you don’t have to keep on charging.


A well-Constructed GoPro stick enables you to use it for a long time. Check the quality of the material used to make the selfie stick. The material and construction of the selfie are very important as they will determine how durable it is.

Check if the material can withstand the different seasons of the year.


Go for a selfie stick that is easy to control. Easy control depends on the design of the selfie stick. The control buttons should be strategically placed to give you a smooth operation.


When buying a GoPro selfie stick you need to check if the stick is portable. Check if it is lightweight. A portable GoPro selfie stick will enable you to go with it on all your adventure activities.

Waterproof Design

A Waterproof selfie stick will enable you to use it in different weather conditions. Check if it is water-resistant and does not corrode when it comes in contact with water.


Not all selfie sticks are compatible with GoPro. When buying a selfie stick, it is good to check if it is compatible with GoPro.

Look for the one that allows you to easily install without any complications.


Get the best GoPro selfie stick that you can take on all your adventure activities.

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