Difference between Waterproof and Water Resistant Shoes

A lot of people ask me? What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant shoes?

Water-resistant and waterproof! Now that is somehow confusing.

As you go through most shoe reviews, you will find some indicated Waterproof and others Water-Resistant.

But what’s the difference between Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant.

Let’s find out

If you are looking for a pair of shoes, or wristwatch, water-resistant vs waterproof will always come in mind. When you make the right decisions from the word go, your comfort and durability of the product are always sustained.

What Does Waterproof Mean?

Waterproof means that the shoe or boot can be completely submerged underwater for a long period of time, and the water will not soak into the materials or enter from the outer sole to the inside.

A good example is waterproof boots, they are mainly made of synthetics or rubber, such as polyurethane or neoprene which makes them be waterproof.  When you walk through water or stand in a muddy area for long, your feet will remain dry. No single drop of water on them.

The process of making shoes 100% waterproof in different ways, mainly depends on the materials used and the construction techniques.

As much as waterproof shoes are very effective in keeping the water out, what happens if in any case water gets in the shoe? When water gets into the shoe, the water does not have a way of getting out. Your foot will remain moist until you remove the shoe.

Functions of Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes are good when going to areas where exposure to liquid might be hazardous; they are the best selection when working in an industrial setting.

Perfect for hiking as they are heavy and durable

They are best for extreme sports where you will be in contact with water. Get waterproof shoes when going through mud, snow, rocks, puddles, dirt, and more as they will protect and support your feet.

What Does Water-Resistant mean?

Water-resistant means the shoe does not allow water to pass through easily or the shoe is not easily damaged by water. It repels water for a while but it’s not waterproof. It is designed to resist water but not to entirely prevent the penetration of water.

Therefore water-resistant shoe means it offers a certain degree of protection from water. If you quickly submerge a water-resistant shoe or boot in water, it will stay dry for a while but if submerged for longer it will soak.

Below is a good example of a water-resistant boot and the other one is not.

Water-resistant shoes are made to be more breathable as compared to waterproof shoes. They are also softer and comfortable to wear, a better choice for your daily footwear.

Waterproof Materials & Water-resistant Materials

Waterproof boots or shoes are mainly made of neoprene, rubber, nylon, or polyurethane which gives them waterproof capability.

The Water-resistant boots are mainly made of leather or nylon and an array of coated materials.

When going shopping, you can easily identify a boot if it’s waterproof and water-resistant by its label. They are normally labeled on the inside.

Polyurethane Boots Waterproof

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