Best Yoga Blankets

Top Best Yoga Blankets

Best Yoga Blankets: Searching for the perfect yoga blanket to use during your yoga sessions? Yoga can be practiced anywhere even at your home or garden. When on a yoga session you will need a comfortable place thus the need for a comfortable yoga blanket.

When you look into the market you will discover there are so many brands of yoga blankets. There are those that are colored, one color, made of cotton, wool, and other different materials that make it comfortable for you.

Finding the best yoga blanket sometimes can be a challenge as they come in different sizes, styles, and designs.


What is the Best Yoga Blanket?

This yoga blanket buying guide will enable you to pick the best. If you are in rush, you can jump to yoga blankets on amazon

Best Yoga Blankets

Find the best yoga blankets to buy.

Open Road Goods Handmade Solid Color Yoga Blanket

Best Yoga Blanket

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This is one of the best yoga blankets available on the market. It features a solid color style. It is an Authentic Mexican Yoga Blanket that features a thicker weave compared to the traditional Mexican falsa blankets.

The blanket is designed to be soft and unique in every way.  Its thickness is perfect making it perfect to be used as a small yoga bolster or yoga prop.

The blanket is also perfect to be used as a picnic blanket, beach blanket, camping outdoor blanket, or as a decorative throw.

The large size measures approximately 78″ by 54″.

More about the Yoga Blanket

  • It is an Acrylic, Cotton, and Polyester blend.
  • Machine Washable
  • It adds a little Vintage Mexican Style to your yoga practice
  • Handmade blanket
  • Soft and Thick
  • Handwoven and Authentic
  • Large size to offer you the ideal space

MEXIMART Yoga Blanket Hand Woven Authentic Mexican Falsa in Assorted Random Color

Best Yoga Blankets

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This Mexican Yoga Blanket is handwoven by amazing skilled Mexican artisans. A lot of care is taken when making the yoga blanket to ensure it’s unique and very beautiful.

These authentic Mexican yoga blankets come in assorted colors that are assigned randomly by Amazon. The color will be shipped to you randomly.

The large size measures 6′ by 4′ which makes it an ideal blanket for yoga. It is also designed to be soft and adds an amazing flair to the bedroom.

This yoga blanket has a traditional touch that will give that touch to your home. You can also take it with you for a picnic, or any outdoor activity that you love.

More about the Authentic Mexican Falsa Blanket

  • Each yoga blanket is unique
  • It is ideal for the beach, yoga, and outdoor activities
  • Amazing blanket for yoga
  • It comes in Assorted Colors
  • It is hand Woven in Mexico
  • Made from the finest materials

YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

Mexican Yoga Blanket

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If you are searching for a unique and best Mexican yoga blanket then you need to have a look at the YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket. It is designed to be bright and colorful. The Multi-Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blankets will add style, color warmth, and comfort to your yoga practice.

The blanket is designed to be machine washable so that you can easily take care of it. The traditional striped patterns on each yoga blanket come in different styles.

This yoga blanket measures approximately 76″ x 57″

More about the Mexican Yoga Blanket

  • It is Hand Made In Mexico
  • Machine Washable
  • Made of 40% Polyester, 50% Acrylic, and 10% Cotton
  • Designed to the Extra Thick to give you the comfort you need
  • It is soft and warm
  • It available in a variety of bright colors

Yoga Blanket Buying Guide

The yoga blankets are best for your yoga practice. They are made of different materials and therefore they vary in size, thickness, fabric, and texture. When buying a yoga blanket there are a number of things you need to consider, its primary use. Is it going to be used as a mat, a bolster, or just for warmth?

How do I choose a yoga blanket?

When choosing a yoga blanket, you need to consider: its size, the fabric used to make the yoga blanket, weight, style, durability, and color.


Yoga blankets are made of different types of material. There are Cotton yoga Blankets made from cotton, Wool yoga Blankets made from wool, and Blended yoga Blankets made from a mix of polyester, acrylic, and cotton.

Sizes and Thickness

The yoga blankets come in different sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Choose a size and thickness that you are comfortable with, a blanket that will enable you to practice yoga with ease, or cover most of the areas you want.


The yoga blankets also come in different colors. There are Single Color or Solid Color yoga blankets and multi-colored blankets. Choose the one that is appealing to your eyes or can perfectly blend with your style.


No one wants a product that will wear just after a couple of uses. We all need a durable product. When buying a yoga blanket check if it is durable. You can only do this by checking the material used to make the yoga blanket.


Choose a Yoga Blanket that is large enough to cover the areas that you want. a yoga blanket that will perfectly blend with your style.

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