Best Double Shower Heads

Best Double Shower Heads: It’s the small things in life that sometimes make our day, simple things like a nice morning shower followed by a nice cup of coffee or tea. Having a nice shower requires you to have a good shower head.

As we review some of the best double shower heads we hope you will be able to get one that will meet your needs. In addition, you will be able to compare a variety of the best double showers heads with what you are currently using.

Best Double Shower Heads

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Function Shower Head Review

Ana Bath SS5450CBN 5 Function Shower Head Review

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Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Shower Head is ranked as one of the best. It has been severally reviewed as the best due to its ability to reduce water wastage.

Product design

It’s made from quality material and to make it a more good look it is finished with nickel.

It has a combo shower system

5 function 5-inch handheld shower

It has a lower GPM rate of 2.31 hence it saves greatly on water usage. Even with this lower GPM rate, you will enjoy your shower just as with any showerhead.

Some showerhead comes with one hose, but in this case, there are two hoses. The first one is 5 ft long. However for the additional hose, one will need to contact the manufacturer for it. The additional hose is good for someone who mostly prefers to flexibly use the handheld shower.

Like many other showerheads, this also has settings that allow different water patterns like massage, rainfall, etc.

For flexible use, it is also possible to adjust the showerhead to various degrees.

Another detail about Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Shower Head is that it tends to have lower water pressure especially when both shower heads are running. This is due to the fact that the channels allowing the water to flow out are smaller than other combo showers even though its water diverter is large

All the same, if you’re searching for a dependable and long-term shower head, you ought to try this showerhead. Unlike many manufacturers of shower head who don’t give any warranty, the maker of Ana Bath has actually given a 1-year warranty and excellent client support in after-sale services.

PROS of Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Shower Head

  • Five  diverse water designs  that permit improved showering
  • Due to its lower GPM it is very efficient in saving water usage
  • It gives additional options for users to order an extra-long hose
  • One year warranty is given on the parts
  • Customers are given good after service

CONS of Ana Bath SS5450CBN Dual Shower Head

  • The price is higher than for the normal showerheads
  • The water pressure may be lower when both shower heads are being used

Aqua Spa razor shower head  – Best Dual Shower Head

Aqua Spa razor shower head

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Aqua Spa razor shower head will provide you with a satisfying showering experience at an affordable price and a convenient push control button that results in first-class showering.

Product design

  • Three-way rain shower head and handheld showerhead
  • It has a one-hand push control button which makes it easy to control
  • Smooth turning valve and high-quality Crossman ship
  • Showerheads are actually very stable even when the water is running under pressure.
  • To make the joints more durable and ensure stability the manufacturer has used solid brass which also reduces the chances of water leaking into the joint.
  • The head has an all-chrome finish.
  • Has an easy on hand push button
  • The handheld shower head has 48 jets and the fixed one has 59 power rain jets and 8 massage jets
  • It comes with a stainless steel hose
  •  The shower comes with a modern slimline design.

PROs of Aqua Spa razor shower head

  • Very easy to install
  • The hose is very flexible which is made of stainless steel and
  • Joints are free of any leakage due to the brass joints and nuts
  • It comes with a warranty

CONs of Aqua Spa razor shower head

  • The hose is short
  • In some instance, the main connector may leak

Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting – Best Double Shower Head

Best Double Shower Heads

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Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting is not just your normal double shower head.

So what makes it so unique?

The unique design of Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24 settings double head shower

Well, first it comes with exceptional lighting design. Now picture you and your partner having a romantic getaway where you have a shower with red illumination every time you take a bath.

The different light illumination is not at any extra power, it runs as the water flows so no extra cost will be incurred with advantage. This double shower is designed so well that every color is illuminated for some seconds before the next color is illuminated.  The light blending is perfectly done to ensure a good transition of the colors.

To add value to your shower experience this shower head has a HYDRO LED TURBINE that is supercharged and as a result, more oxygen is added into the water. These turbines not only does it creates water pressure but also regulates pressure in both shower heads that one will not notice the existence of a double shower head in terms of water pressure.

The showerheads are of good size which means water will be well distributed to cover your body.

If you prefer a flexible shower head or you simply don’t like water running over your head, then there is a handheld shower head with four diverse settings (massage, rain, rain and massage, water-saving mode). These settings can be jointly combined to give a better experience and also enabled one to save water by preferring the ware save mode.

To top it all Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24 setting comes 5-ft stainless steel hose to match the showerhead.

This shower head will definitely give you value for your money, and you will be assured of an excellent experience

Advantages of Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24 setting

  • To create a more pleasurable experience it has good quality LED lights that illuminate during the showering
  • It has twenty-four different settings combination which will help you to discover and create a more enjoyable showering experience
  • The Hydro super energized turbines have better water pressure for both shower heads
  • Bo extra cost comes with the LED lights as it is run by the flowing water
  • The installation process is very and one will not need any professional assistance.

Disadvantages of Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24setting

  • It is impossible to tell water temperature as colors on the LED lights are not temperature sensitive.

KES Shower Head Double Outlet Manifold – Best Dual Head Shower Head

Best Dual Head Shower Head

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This is one of the Best Dual Head Shower Head on the market. The Manifold is constructed of brass which ensures its quality and durability. It has a polished chrome finish and includes two 5-Jet Shower Heads.

It does not come with a shower arm.

DreamSpa 3-Way LED Shower Head

DreamSpa 3-Way LED Shower Head

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DreamSpa 3-Way LED Shower Head is not just your ordinary showerhead. It is an exceptional one and has been mostly been reviewed by many as a premium shower head.

Product design

Has both fixed Shower Head/Handheld Shower head with Air Turbo Nozzle Technology

The shower head has a chrome finish

A very outstanding design is the combination of LED color change with the chrome finish on the shower head. Even the handheld shower has LED colour change.

Another unique feature is the ability to use both LED showerheads or you can choose to use them separately. The LED colors can match in both heads or each head can have separate colour. The LED colors can change to flashing red (at over 50° Celsius or over 122° F): Red (at 43-50° Celsius or 109-122° F): Green (at 35-42° Celsius or 95-108° F) and Blue (at 35° Celsius or 95° F).

The LED color change is not only automatic but also indicates the temperature change in the water

The LED is powered by running water hence no battery power is required or need for extra power.

Both heads can be adjusted to any angle and they have four settings including massage, rain, water-saving.

To boost water pressure each showerhead has super energized air turbines. These turbines also add oxygen to the water

For easy cleaning and to avoid blockage DreamSpa 3-Way LED Shower Head has elastic rub clean nozzles

Even with the above quality feature, the manufacturer has also allocated for one warranty.

PROs of DreamSpa 3-Way LED Shower Head

  • Very easy to install
  • The heads have water-powered LED color change
  • The LED colours indicated a change in water temperature hence one can easily detect water temperature without physical touch
  • The hose is very 5ft and very flexible
  • Joints are free of any leakage due to the brass joints and nuts
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • The showerheads are both chrome finished and  LED colored,  a combination that is rare o find in the market

CONs of DreamSpa 3-Way LED Shower Head

  • No additional hose

Hydroluxe Shower Head

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra Dual Shower Head

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Another good quality Double Shower Head is the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra Dual Shower Head. It is made from quality material and the design is superb. This shower head is not too costly yet it will still give you a first-class

It designer not only looked at superior design but also the affordability.  In addition, the settings were also given an upper hand as it is possible to set your water patterns differently. It is well finished with both the fixed shower head and the handheld one.

To be specific you have an option of getting 24 various settings to experience different water warm mist, massage, power rain, water-saving economy, etc.

Another feature that is notable with this showerhead is the availability of regulators on both showerheads. Even though they were put together to hold the showerhead in place, they make the shower heads not operate optimally.

Both shower heads can be used individually or combined. To get great water pressure one can remove the regulators.

In some instances, the regulators only affect only the usage of the key shower head

In summary, if you’re searching for a shower head that will offer you the finest worth for your money you should buy Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra.

Advantages Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra Dual

  • It will give you diverse water patterns for a delightful experience
  • Through water saving mode you will definitely save water
  • Stress-free  installation
  • Durable based on the quality of the material used to make the shower

Disadvantages Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra Dual

  • It has regulators or Limiters which may affect the water pressure.

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Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3-way Dual Shower Head

Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra Luxury 3-way Dual Shower Head

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The good thing about Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3-way Dual Shower Head is that it will give you a luxury shower experience. This showerhead comes with several different settings which we shall look at as we review it.

It is made and set up in a way that you can be able to get an entire 30 full and combined water flow patterns.  Each showerhead can be used separately or it can be combined.

To give you a great experience you can set the shower patterns including Water-saving, Power Rain, Massage, Hydrating Mist, Rain & Massage, and Rain & Mist. With all these patterns you will not find your showering experience relaxing but also enjoyable.

This 3-way shower head also comes with an original and patented water diverter and plumber tape together with a five-foot stainless steel hose. This means that the installation process of this shower head is very easy and no special skills will be needed.

It is good to note that when using both shower heads the water pressure may be lower compared to when using one shower head. Using one shower head has some advantages as well as you can be able to change between the fixed shower head and handheld shower as you wish.

You can adjust the shower heads to any degree you desire, as well as get more water range. This means you will not face any difficulties in getting water to every point in your body.

Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3-way Dual Shower Head will definitely give a different showering experience.

Advantages of Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra Luxury 3 way shower head

  • The installation process is very fast and easy. On average only 5 minutes will be taken to install.
  • Has a variety of seven diverse water patterns with thirty combination
  • The showerheads can be adjusted to any degree.
  • Good water pressure regardless of the usages of both showerheads or one
  • It’s another easy to clean
  • It is very economical when it comes to water-saving especially when water-saving mode is used.

Cons of Hotel Spa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 way shower head

  • Since some parts are made of plastic durability is compromised.

PowerSpa 7 Color

PowerSpa 7 Color

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Looking at PowerSpa 7 Color you will notice the elegance that comes with it.

Not only is quality good but it has a fair price that is quite affordable

As we review PowerSpa 7 color it is good to note that the LED lights have the capability to change color in three ways.

Another wonderful feature is that the shower heads can be adjusted easily to any degree that you desire, even those of your kids. For parents, with kids, you can be assured that they will enjoy the bath, especially with LED light.

To make the showering process more interesting for the children you can illustrate to them the seven various colors which can create the rainbow colors.

Though PowerSpa 7 color shower head has a super energized turbine, the pressure in the water can sometimes differ. However, even with differences it will maintain the pressure and inject oxygen into the water.

The hose for this shower head is made of stainless steel which makes it durable. In the addition, this showerhead comes with its own stainless steel hose and some plumber tapings.

Fixing is also easy as it comes with tapings which one can fix easily without seeking additional help or skills

Advantages of PowerSpa 7 Color

  • It has LED lights with the capacity of illuminating seven different colors
  • Like most quality shower heads, it has options for several adjustments to suit your needs
  • Has a handheld showerhead that can be moved
  • The super energized turbine ensures the water pressure is good.

Disadvantages of PowerSpa 7 Color

  • The color change in the LED lights does not indicate the water temperature
  • Another disadvantage is that it is not possible to connect the water filter to this showerhead.
  • The pressure can sometimes differ in the two shower heads

The advantages of using Double Shower Head

Ever wondered why many people prefer the double shower head or shower combo as many people prefer to call it. Well, the answer actually lies in its design, flexibility, and settings.

Waking up every morning or having an evening shower with the same water patterns can be boring and less exciting.

The manufacturers of shower combo know the importance of extra creativity and flexibility when creating their showerheads.

Below we shall look at the reason why you should do away with your ordinary shower head and acquire a new double head shower head.

  1. Two shower head – As the name suggests dual shower heads have both a handheld shower and a fixed one. You can choose whether to use both shower or use one at a time
  2. More and better settings which give water patterns such as rain, massage, etc. This allows you to have a good and relaxing bath.
  3. Flexibility in the dual shower is way more improved in both showers heads. You don’t have to shower in the same spot every time.
  4. The showerheads are larger than for normal showers which mean that water is able to cover the whole body.
  5. Improved water pressure- even with two shower heads they have super energized air turbines which improve the pressure.
  6. In some instances, dual shower heads come with LED lights. For more premium showerheads the change in LED lights indicate change in temperature. With advanced settings, you can even set colors that you prefer.
  7. Creates more fun especially for someone with kids. This is because the experience created by this shower will make kids look forward to the great feeling. Not only are these shower goods for kids, they also create an opportunity for couple to share shower with an additional touch of various water patterns and colors
  8. Dual showerheads are easy to fix and are durable since they are majorly made of steel.

The disadvantages or CONS of using Double Shower Head

Reviews of dual shower heads cannot be complete without the look of some of its CONS as stated below

  1. Dual usage of the shower heads will definitely lead to more water usage. To save on water it is good once in a while to select the water-saving mode.
  2. Depending on the material used to make the joints, one could experience leakages

Features to look for when buying a double shower head

Many people ask the question- What I should consider when buying the dual shower head. This question is very vital since a dual shower head is more complex than the one-way shower. To answer this important question we have outlined some of the features you are to consider

The quality of the material used to make the showerhead – Durability will absolutely be affected by the quality of material used. Ensure you select one that is made of material that is rust-free, strong, and good in appearance. Such material good is stainless steel, brass, etc. In addition, ensure that the material can withstand high water pressure without leakages or bursting

Number of settings available – The number of settings will influence how many water patterns you can be able to set in your shower head combo. The number of patterns may vary as some have 6, 12, 18, 24, and many more combinations based on available settings. Choose the one that suits your needs

Availability of LED lights – If you wish to enjoy your shower with more fun in you can choose the shower combo with different LED lights. The lights should operate on the running water to avoid the use of extra energy.

The length of the hose – A standard hose length for a double shower head should be 5 ft. In a few instances, some come with an extra hose where one can contact the manufacturer for the extra hose. Remember a short hose may limit the flexibility of your handheld shower.

Ease of installation- Many shower heads are easy to fix and you should look at the manufacturers’ manual for easier installation steps.

Availability of diverter size – The work of the diverter is to help you to control between the single shower and the dual shower head. It can also have an impact on the water flow since in some circumstances bigger diverter results in a smaller passage for a water flow. So if you are one person who prefers higher water pressure in your shower, then choose one with a bigger water passage or flow.

The option of having water-saving mode – It is very important to save water used during the shower. Using gallons of water and having a higher water bill at the end of the month just because you have a double shower head beats the logic.

The price- It is important you consider the features you would prefer in a showerhead and then compare prices to ensure you get value for your money. Most of them are affordable and mostly don’t vary so much in terms of price as per the features.

Other important factors that you may consider include the warranty, after-sale service, or even

Summary of Double Shower Heads

It is not debatable, a double shower head will definitely give a wonderful experience. Our advice is that get the best shower head you can afford and ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Acquire something that you will maximally use and enjoy

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