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Best Chainsaw Mill for the Money – Chainsaw Mill Guide

Best Chainsaw Mill for the Money: Whether you are maintaining your garden, taming tall trees, cutting firewood, having the best chainsaw mill makes your work easier.Best Chainsaw Mill

There are many types of chainsaws available in the market. They come in different sizes, use different power sources, and have different chainsaw mill price tags.

When buying a chainsaw mill it’s good to understand the type of task it is going to be used for. This is mainly because there are different types of chainsaws available on the market and each one works differently.

What is the best chainsaw mill?

Let’s find out.

But how do I find a good portable chainsaw mill that will match my requirements and which is the best chainsaw mill available on the market?

That is why we have created the best chainsaw mill reviews to guide you when making that difficult decision

Best Chainsaw Mills

Husqvarna 450 20-inch chainsaw

Best Chainsaw Mills

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The Husqvarna 450 20-inch Gas chainsaw is a very powerful all-around chainsaw best for those looking for professional qualities in a saw.  This is a product from Husqvarna which is a well-known brand that has been supplying high-quality and powerful chainsaws for many years.

This portable chain saw is known to have great power and balance.

The X-Torq engine in Husqvarna 450 20-inch chainsaw means its fuel consumption is low and has reduced emission levels.

The side-mounted chain tensioning, visible fuel level, and Auto return stop switch make the saw easier to handle.

More about Husqvarna Chainsaw Mill

  • Powered by a 3.2 horsepower
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Has an air injection system that stops any dust or debris from clogging the filter
  • Equipped with Smart Start technology which makes it very easy to start
  • Auto return stop switch
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning
  • visible fuel container
  • Ergonomic rear handle
  • Long-lasting
  • High quality

FT&C Chainsaw Mill

The FT&C Chainsaw Mill is well designed to give you the best and large diameter logs. It weighs about 16.95 pounds and is able to cut boards up to 13 inches in thickness. This enables you to cut large thick logs

The chainsaw mill is of high-quality steel and aluminum construction, which balances weight and durability.

It is ideal for builders, woodworkers, and outdoor enthusiasts. It enables you to cut Walnut Cedar and Oak into high-quality lumber

More about The FT&C Chainsaw Mill

  • It is an Attachment Chainsaw Milling, Planking Milling, Bar Planking
  • Portable Chain Sawmill – you can transport it to remote logs.
  • Made of high-quality steel and aluminum
  • Cuts lumber planks Height and Width Adjustable Cuts Beams or Lumber from 0.5 inches to 13 inches thick and 36 inches wide
  • You can attach it to the saw without drilling the bar

Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill – Alaskan mill

Alaskan mill

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The Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill 24 inches comes with amazing features, which will make your work much easier.

This heavy-duty and flexible lumber chainsaw mill is able to cut planks perfectly and beams as much as ½ inch to 13-inch deep and 20 inches wide.

It is portable and lightweight. This allows you to easily lumber wherever the tree falls.

To operate this chainsaw mill no experience is required.

More about the Alaskan mill

  • Well designed
  • Best for big lumber
  • Portable
  • Adjustable for different size logs
  • Clamps onto chainsaw bar without drilling
  • Accurately cuts planks and beams

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill

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HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill is designed for large diameter trees. It features a Chainsaw bar size of 14 inches to 48 inches, giving you the option of cutting trees of any diameter you desire.

This mill makes the process very safe for you by protecting you from flying debris; it does this with the help of an acrylic safety cover at one end of the cutting area.

This chainsaw is made of Aluminum and Steel. The aluminum rails are well constructed and designed to be long-lasting as you will be frequently using the chainsaw mill that might wear it out. The other parts of steel are chromed

The slabbing thickness of the chainsaw ranges from ½ inch to 12″.

This chainsaw is ideal for woodworkers, homeowners, and carpenters. It enables you to mill your own lumber at home or in the woods

More about the chainsaw

  • The Chainsaw bar size is 14″ to 48″
  • Made of Aluminum and Steel
  • The maximum slabbing thickness is 1/2″ to 12″.
  • Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long-lasting

Granberg Chain Saw Mill – Best Portable Chainsaw Mill

Best Portable Chainsaw Mill

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The Granberg Chain Saw Mill is a well-designed, affordable, and accurate chainsaw mill. This chainsaw mill is known to offer optimum performance compared to other chain saws available on the market.

The Granberg Chain Saw Mill is known to be one of the best portable chainsaw mills available in the marketplace.

This chainsaw comes with amazing features making it perfect for the homeowner, woodworker, or carpenter.

This chain saw works great and it’s very easy to assemble.

The craftsmanship of this chainsaw mill is on point. It has a zinc coating and is of high quality which protects it from the environment.

More about the chain saw

  • Compact
  • Lightweight design
  • Portable
  • No previous experience required
  • Best for making planks, slabs, and beams
  • High-quality mill cuts beams or lumber
  • It is designed to fit chain saws with 20in or fewer bars
  • It measures 24 x 13 x 4 inches and weighs about 1.76 ounces
  • Easy to assemble

Granberg G555B Edging Mill – Best Chainsaw Mill for the Money

Best Chainsaw Mill for the Money

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The Granberg Edging Mill is well designed to make your work easier. This compact vertical milling attachment squares logs to make beams for timber frame construction, as well as cuts beams to precise lengths and widths for flooring, sliding, or trim. It is also amazing for making plunge cuts to make dimensional lumber in conjunction with your Alaskan Mill.

The Granberg Edging Mill is the best chainsaw mill for the money that you can find in the market.  It is affordable and loaded with great features.

More about Granberg Edging Mill

  • Milling device for lumber and wood
  • Perfect for squaring or slab edging.
  • Weighs about 6.8 pounds


When you have a good chainsaw mill, it enables you to turn any wood around your property into amazing usable lumber for your woodworking projects. Getting the best chainsaw mill makes work very easy in terms of usage and giving you quality work.

Hope you have found the product in our chainsaw mill guide.


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