Yamaha P45B Review

Yamaha P45B Review 2020

Discover Yamaha P45B. Find out about Yamaha P45B Review below. Make that right decision when purchasing your digital piano.

The Yamaha P45B is another product from the Yamaha. This piano is very popular with beginners as well as the experienced piano players who are looking for digital piano with simple features but a higher sound quality.

Piano Keys Polyphony Dimensions Weight Price
Yamaha P45B 88 64 52.2 x 11.5 x 6 inches 34.4 pounds Check on Amazon

Yamaha P45B is the right choice for you; to understand it better we are going to look at P45B features or Yamaha P45B reviews.

The P-45 is an 88-key weighted action digital piano which is available worldwide. This product has been purchased by many customers who say its features are exceptional. It is one of the most affordable digital piano in the market. Yamaha P-45 shares its core-functions with the older Yamaha P-35, it has been added some new features such as the USB connector that enables you to use the piano as a MIDI controller among other features that enables it to produce a richer piano sound.
Yamaha P45B Review

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Yamaha P45B Features

Let’s dive into Yamaha P45B features.

Quality Sound of the P45B

Every key in P45B has been sampled and tested via the AWM single key sampling technology. The final result is amazing; it creates a deeper and richer sound from the piano.

It contains 64 notes of polyphony. This means it is able to play 64 notes at the same time as it produces a realistic and stunning sound. The pianist is able to play any chord that they can imagine without any of the notes being lost or cut off.

For the keys, touching them is fun; the keys of the P45B have been tuned with sound from an acoustic piano. It does this by using an advanced wave memory stereo sampling technology.  This keeps your sound crisp and clear during playing and giving you a more realistic feel.

This is why you should buy the Yamaha P45B

P45B Key Action and Realism

Every key in P45B is practically weighted to be lighter in the high notes and heavier in the lower keys. This gives you an amazing experience while playing the piano, more like an acoustic piano. You will not notice the difference.  It is also designed in such a way that the keys have been given a matte finish, this ensures you do not slip while playing the keys. The keys are magnificently finished. It has 4 settings of key sensitivity that enables you to adjust the sensitivity to your own taste, giving you the control on how you would like to play. What an amazing feature.

More Features and Specifications of the P45B

Yamaha P54B features a simple single button operation which enables you to change the sound between different types of piano, it contains a dual mode which enables you to introduce two sounds at the same time, such as piano and strings

The digital piano also comes with USB connectivity. This allows you to connect with countless software and hardware, recording systems and educational systems to improve user experience.

Yamaha P45B has ten voices to choose from, this allows pianists to decide how they want their music to sound like. Apart from the 10 voices, it also contains10 preset songs and 10 demos. This gives you a lot of diversity to work around with.

This digital piano is compact and portable, it weighs 34.4 pounds. Its portability fits the needs of many piano players.  It also comes with a foot pedal, stand and headphones. Everything you need to start playing Yamaha P45B.

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  • It is light weight
  • Has quality sound
  • Perfect for both beginners and experienced users
  • USB usage enables you to transfer and share your work
  • Its interface is simple even younger children can easily use


  • Hard to play some keys quietly
  • Not advanced as other digital pianos
  • Does not include a recorder

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Conclusion – Yamaha P45B

Yamaha P45B is all you need as a pianist. It comes with everything you need as a player. Perfect for both beginner and experienced users.  The sound of this piano is of high quality, it does not sacrifice a realistic and impressive sound.

It is also light and easily portable.

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