Yamaha P105 Reviews 2020

Looking for a grand piano? Discover Yamaha P105 digital Piano. Find Yamaha P105 Reviews that will aid you in making that decision. We are going to look at Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano.

This piano is loaded with the powerful PureCF sound engine, this piano P-105 will give you the spot-on sound of the Yamaha world-famous CFIIIS concert grand, just the same piano you will mostly find in some of the biggest concert venues.

Keys Polyphony Dimensions Weight
88, Medium Weighted 128 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 inches 36.4 pounds

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You will be blown away when you hear this Yamaha P105 coming to life. Yamaha P105 is an 88-note digital piano. Its sound is amazing, and comes with built in speakers.  It has a 128-note maximum polyphony for total tone expression.

This is a piano that is able to serve both beginners and experienced pianists. It is easy to use and yet it has amazing features, amazing acoustic sound, as well as realistic key actions that makes it the best piano, for someone looking for a the best digital piano to purchase. A piano that they will grow with.


Yamaha P105

Yamaha P105 Reviews

On this Yamaha P105 review, are going to look at some of its features, specs as well as pros and cons of the instrument.

Yamaha P105

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Yamaha P105 Specs

Dimensions (WxDxH): 58.1 x 15.1 x 11.1 inches
Keyboard: 88 Tones
Weight: 36.4 pounds

Weighted Keys: Graded Hammer Action
Polyphony: 128 Notes
Sound Mechanism: Pure CF Sound Engine
Touch Sensitivity: 4 Levels

Number of Preset Voices: 14
Number of Preset Songs: 64

  • Damper Resonance
  • Reverb
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control


  • Dual Mode
  • Split Mode
  • Metronome
  • Transpose
  • 10 Rhythm
  • Layer Mode
  • Tuning
  • 10 Pianist


  • Sustain
  • Optional 3-Pedal Unit

Amplifiers: 7W x 7W
Speakers: 2 x 2″ (5 cm), 2 x 4.7″ (12 cm)

  • Line out
  • Line in
  • USB
  • Headphone Jack (2)
  • Sustain Pedal

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Yamaha P105 Features

P105 Sound Quality

The acoustic sound of the P105 is quite outstanding. Sound samples that it uses are recorded by an advanced wave memory recording technology, which are taken from Yamaha’s CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano.

Every note played gets heard, making yamaha P105 capable of performing any complicated pieces being played by the professional pianist without skipping a note.

Intelligent Acoustic Control 
It is well optimized for the speaker system, piano’s EQ will automatically change based on the volume setting in order to give you the best tonal balance at any given time.  With this, you will not have any distortion or interference while performing.

Versatile Connectivity
P105 has outstanding features that will enable you to connect to external devices without interrupting the speaker sound. It also contains USB port that enables you to transfer track information to a computer. How amazing!


  • It offers realistic audio because of its famous Pure CF sampling of their CFIIIS acoustic grand piano.
  • The piano is very responsive with good touch action to enhance the authenticity
  • It is portable – you can move it from home to your performance venue or practice
  • Makes practice easier and fun because of its Duo and Split Function modes
  • It comes with headphone jacks.
  • Gives you an authentic Feel – P105’s similar feeling to that of an actual piano.


  • Does not have external speakers
  • No stabilizer

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Yamaha P105 is an amazing piano, a complete digital instrument which is capable of delivering, best for any pianist. The piano is also very affordable and many users have given it some amazing reviews.

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