Yamaha CP33 Review

Yamaha CP33 Review 2020

Discover Yamaha CP33. Find Yamaha CP33 Reviews below. This will help you in making that decision when buying Yamaha CP33.

There a number of things that are considered when making a piano, that’s why Yamaha saw the needs of a pianist and decided to make Yamaha CP33 stage piano.  Yamaha CP33 Keyboard is a digital keyboard that is built to be one of the best in the market. It is one of the best piano for stage performances and comes equipped with some of the most innovative technology that Yamaha has.

Keys Polyphony Dimensions Yamaha CP33 Weight
Yamaha CP33 stage piano 88 64 59 x 16.2 x 9.2 inches 39.7 pounds Check on Amazon

The Yamaha CP-33 is well designed from the looks to its performance.  It has amazing features which are geared towards the modern performer. You will not miss its realistic key action and the acoustic piano sound on this digital piano, a perfect Keyboard for anyone who wants to step on the performing stage.

The CP33 is designed for the serious musician on the go. It is light and easily portable.

Let’s jump into Yamaha CP33 review; we will start with looking on some of CP33 Specs, features to determine if it’s best for its value.

Yamaha cp33 keyboard

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Yamaha CP33 Features

Sound Quality

CP33 Digital piano sound is unparalleled compared to most digital pianos in the same category.  When you touch the keyboard, this instrument becomes an extension of your hands and your musical imagination.

This piano also makes use of the technology of Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory. It is able to precisely detect the strength one uses to press the keys and produce the correct note from its huge catalogue of recorded tones.

It also comes equipped with amazing speakers which are loud enough even when you are in a stage performance.

CP33 comes with 28 voices to select from; this might be a downside for those who are used too many voices to choose from. Although, it contains a maximum of 64 note polyphony

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Key Action and Realism

Yamaha CP33 stage piano key action is out of this world. It comes with an 88-key graded keyboard, one of the most realistic keyboards you can ever play. Its keys are not too light, this makes it to bring the realism you need.

CP33 keys are fully weighted and feel as close to that of an acoustic piano. Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Effect technology has also been incorporated in this piano.

Full Control

The CP33 is more like a controller as it is a piano. With this piano you can do great things, your music will be on the next level if you learn how to manage all its features. It allows you to assign different voices, control two external tone generators and layer the voices together for different types of sound. This is an amazing control.

It also comes with sliders that enable you to adjust the level of each sound as you are playing. It also contains wheels that can be programmed to control a variety of different effects.

Truly CP33 is an instrument does not limit you, it leaves you to your imagination.

The CP33 weighs approximately 40 lbs. This makes it easy to move it from one point to another.
Yamaha CP33 Review

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  • 88-key graded hammer keyboard with authentic touch
  • Portable
  • Supports various types of connectivity
  • State-of-the-art AWM tone generation system
  • Equipped with a highly realistic keyboard that feels more like an acoustic piano


  • Does not have a wide selection of voices

Yamaha CP33 Price

Finally, check the latest price for Yamaha CP33 below

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Yamaha cp33 88 key stage piano is an excellent stage piano that comes with amazing features and its one of the most realistic key actions you will find in a digital keyboard. It is a powerful instrument for those who want to be musicians. The CP33 is a perfect instrument to consider when you want to take your music to the next level.

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