Tanning Beds Near Me

Tanning Beds Near Me: Discover The Best Tanning Salons Near You in 2020

Searching for the best tanning beds near me? Oh yes! That’s why you are here. Want to bronze your skin for an upcoming event or in preparation for the summer.

There are so many tanning salons near you. It’s not hard to find them especially in big cities or malls. Just search for “tanning beds near me” and you will be surprised by the number of tanning salons near you.

The main difficult part is not finding a tanning salon, its finding the one that will cater for your needs. The one that is affordable, its location is perfect and is able to accommodate your busy schedule i.e. does it fit your opening and closing hours.

Tanning Beds Near Me

Take a look at the map below and see which one is best tanning near me salon you can visit.

What is a tanning bed?

A tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation which is used to produce a cosmetic suntan. The device looks more like an electric coffin

Services offered at tanning salon

There is a wide range of services that a tanning salon near you may offer. When you walk into a tanning salon you will either find a lay down tanning beds which are so relaxing when you lay down depending on the session. Oh you might even forget and have a nap if you are very tired.

You may also find stand-up tanning beds. These are an improvisation of the lay down tanning beds. When using them you do not lay down, instead you go inside the booth and stand.

Advantages of stand-up tanning beds

Even Tan

The stand up tanning beds enables you to get an even tan compared to the horizontal beds. Lambs used features a different kind of reflector that enables the UV rays to be evenly spread across the body.

No more turning

Unlike on the horizontal bed tans where you have to keep on turning, this vertical tanning bed does not require you to turn as the UV lights is evenly spread across your body.

Free to move

When you are standing you are not glued to one position. You are free to move. You can move your hands or legs. This gives you a quality tanning effect just the way you want.

Stronger Tan in Lesser Time

The bulbs in these beds have a greater wattage; this gives you a stronger tan within a short period of time compared with the horizontal beds. The stand-up tanning bed provides you with the best solution if you want to spend less time tanning.

Minimal maintenance

The stand-up beds require very minimal maintenance as your body does not touch the bed.

Stand-up tanning beds are more hygienic as you do not have to lie down on already used tanning beds in salons.

Lesser Maintenance
The maintenance of stand-up beds is lesser as compared to the horizontal ones. They need to be cleaned less as surface touching is minimal.

Many salons mainly offer indoor tanning lotions. Some have gone further in offering manicures and pedicures or selling some beauty products. Other tanning salons will do your hair, offer massage services among other services which add more value to why you should frequently visit their salon.

Many tanning salons open from 10am to around 11pm.

How much does it cost at a tanning Salon?

Great to hear you have found a tanning bed to visit? But how much does it cost at a tanning salon? This is a question that most people would like to know before visiting a salon near them.

The cost of tanning on any salon depends on a number of factors such as the type of bed, location or neighborhood of the salon, the length of the session, if it’s a purchase package, and if there are other services that have been included like massage or manicure.

Depending on the service you select when visiting a tanning salon, some places may offer as low as $5 for a one time tan which increases depending on the level of tan and time spent at the tanning salon.

The tanning salons also offer unlimited packages where you can tan as often as you like: a month, four months or for a year.

How long does it take to get a tan?

The period it takes to get a tan mainly depends on your skin type, health and your frequency of visits. It takes three to seven sessions on average to achieve a good tan. When you have achieved the tan you can now visit the tanning salon on regular basis.

How long does a tan last from a tanning bed?

When you stop tanning your skin will return back to its original color, this might take 25 – 30 days. You may also delay the process by taking care of your skin with tanning lotions and moisturizers.

What to bring when going to a tanning bed

When going for your tanning session there are a number of things you will need to carry. If you don’t have you can also purchase them at the tanning salon.

This includes:

  • Your lotion
  • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • A towel
  • A robe if you like one or loose clothes to wear

What is the best tanning lotion?

When you visit the tanning salon they may give you some tanning lotions to try out in the tanning bed or sell to you if you do not have a tanning lotion.

But what are the best tanning lotions to use? There is a wide range of indoor tanning lotions in the market. It might be a challenge to choose the best; below are some of the lotions you can start with:

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

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This tanning lotion is well designed to help you bronze without fading the color of your tattoo. It gives you darker and more beautiful look. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness.

Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

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This is a dark tanning accelerator plus bronzer. It is well formulated to make you get dark fast.

It is a number one tanning lotion with Bronzer.  It features amazing natural ingredients that will hydrate your skin and give you the best tan ever.

Find more indoor tanning lotions here.

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