Saber SS 500 Grill Review 2020

Looking for Saber SS 500 Grill Review? Saber SS 500 Grill is one of the best first rate grills that not only has unique features, but also it is made of quality material. So one may ask what material is this grill made of that is considered to be a premium grill.  Well, the whole grill is made of stainless steel which is not only valuable but also durable. It has infrared burners which are very efficient in temperature control. This grill has sliver colour which illustrate class, especially when compared with other normal grills.
Saber SS 500 Grill Review

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This grill has a cooking area of 500 sq which makes it good for a medium sized family. As a premium grill, the price is higher than the normal grill although it is worth every coin that is paid for it. With its sleek look and quality you can be assured that your experience in grilling will is expected to be at its best level.

Saber SS 500 Grill Review 2020

Saber SS 500 Grill main features

  • It has 4 infrared burners, with the ability or with cooking power of 32,000 BTU’s. The good thing about infrared grill is that it allows for higher level of temperature control which makes it possible to have barbecues which are medium rare. In addition to this infrared also helps in avoiding the flames ups.
  • The main cooking area is 670 sq inches. This is what makes this grill to be a family sized grill.
  • This saber 500 grill has side burner which has good cooking power of 18,000 BTU’s.
  • Another additional feature is the availability of warming rack that allows users to warm their meals without much struggle. It is good to note that the warming rack counts as storage. It can also be used for roasting.
  • Saber SS 500 Grill lacks the rotisserie burner which makes it impossible to have the hibachi styles of cooking. However the grill is very good for grilling excellent steak or burger.

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Advantages of Saber SS 500 Grill

  • It has 4 infrared burners with a cooking power capacity of 32,000 BTU’s.Saber SS 500 Grill Review
  • An average cooking area of over 670 sq inches that is suitable for a average family size.
  • The availability of infrared burners makes it possible to precisely regulate the grill temperature accurately.
  • As indicated above the grill is completely made of stainless steel which gives is a superb look
  • Stainless steel is durable hence you can be assured of long lasting grill.

Disadvantages of Saber SS 500 Grill

  • It lacks the additional burners as it basically focuses on the infrared burners
  • It makes it impossible to some forms cooking like the hitachi grilling
  • Although the grill is of high quality if it may not be affordable to a person who has planned for budget priced grill.
  • It has limited cooking area for someone whose requires grilling of larger group of people.

Design and unique characteristics of Saber SS 500 Grill

  • The primary outstanding thing in this grill is how the complete structure is thoroughly done with high quality marketable grade stainless steel. This offers it the shiny appearance and as a result it stands out as the premium grill.
  • The other features include the strong cabinet doors that cover the plentiful storage capacity which has several shelves.
  • It has four wheel which support it well and assist in its mobility.
  • Another unique feature is that it has 2 internal halogen lights this makes it so convenient for grilling done at night as it will provide light.
  • Saber SS 500 Grill is a propane gas grill that can simply change to natural gas with distinctly sold materials which consequently increases it efficiency.
  • It has great quick ignition system that lets it to concurrently kindle all of its elements hence allowing you a regular burn. The infrared burners have electrode alongside a carryover pipe to safeguard the easiness and constancy of light.
  • Being a premium grill it includes excellent level temperature gauges to offer appropriate readings that make the cooking or grilling to be less demanding since the exact heat required will be attained to precision.
  • Lastly, this grill is costumed for original cooking method that aims at airflow away from the cooking area so your meals can retain in all of its normal taste and juices.

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Saber ss 500 Price

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Saber SS 500 Grill Warranty

A premium grill as this one has a good offer on its warranty. Rarely would any one expect the stainless steel to break or develop defects. But even with this assurance the manufactures had gone ahead and given long life warranty on the grill parts like the cart boards, external fire box and the lid. Covered with 10 years warranty is the steel burner pipes and the carryover pipes. On other parts like the porcelain coated warmings shelves, burner box, stainless steel cooking grills and emitters a total of five years warranty is given. All the remaining parts are given two years warranty. Now it very important to keep in mind that the warranties cover flaws in material used as well as the workmanship.

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