Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP Grill Review 2020

Looking for Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP Grill Review? Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill is rated as one of the best premium grill in the market. A look at the premium grill clearly indicate that this grill will not only enable you grill your meals but also help you to achieve your grilling experience to that of professional chef.
Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP Grill Review

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The grill comes with wonderful feature in regard to its cooking area, storage, flexibility in terms of usage etc. With a price higher than for the normal price, it is expected that every coin you pay for this grill will be worth the experience you will get.

Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill will definitely ensure that your grilling will never be the same and it is  advisable for you to up your game on grilling as you can be able to do more than just grilling your normal barbecue and hot dogs.

Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP Grill Review 2020

Main feature of Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill

It is made of high standards stainless that makes it outstanding in terms of durability.

One of the infrared burners in the main cooking area is able to burn 23,000 BTU’s. Being infrared means that you can precisely control easily hence your meals will be perfectly grilled and for meals that are very sensitive to heat you can be able to perfectly regulate the heat appropriately

In addition to the above burner we also have a burner cast with brass and it has cooking power of 25,000 BTU’s. This burner is very good in heat retention and it you can be assured that heat will still be optimally maintained when checking out the readiness of the meals. The above two burners have cooking area of 600 sp, in addition to the 240 sq cooking area that comes with the secondary grid.

Over one of the infrared burners is a slow cooking rotisserie which has two positions and has in build motors which have the ability of moving at three different speeds.

For easily mobility it has four wheels

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Advantages of Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill

  • Come with 8 cooking areas which cover sufficient room for cooking meals for family party or bigger parties.Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP Grill
  • It is made of pure stainless Steel that really gives it a wonderful look and can last long even when left unused for a long time
  • Easy to ignite and it heat fast and more heat is retained compared to other grills
  • Easy to regulate the heat
  • Good storing capacity

Disadvantages of Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill

  • The price is fairly high for some who may not regularly use the grill but for a constant user the price be worth since it very durable even when maximally used
  • It does the basic function of grilling which can be done by any other grill the only good thing I that it has additions features to achieve it

Design of Advantages of Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill

  • It is made of eighty percent stainless steel. The advantage of this material is that it makes the grill to be durable and easy to clean. It also improves n the overall look of the grill
  • The knobs have led light and inside you will find the halogen light
  • Come with a variety of sizes from 24 inches to 54 inches
  • This grill has three burners knobs which include the rotisserie burner knob and two main burner knobs
  • The lid comes with springs attached to the inside which make it easy open and close
  • Below the grill surface are ceramics brickets and underneath the brickets are the main brass burners meant for either propane or natural gas. The infrared burners are allocated next to the brickets and each grill comes with a smokers box
  • Above the grilling surface is the removable warming rack
  • This grill is designed in that between 10-15 minutes it will pre heat up to 300 -400 degrees as gauged by temperature gauge.
  • The burners are designed to regulate the temperature to allows cooking of all types of food such as steak, vegetable, poultry, fish etc
  • The rotisserie knob can be adjusted to cook in low, medium or high temperature. To ensure no spilling of fluid to the burner the spilling lead is used.
  • This grill is good for smoking as it has the smokers’ box which allows efficient grilling.
  • Has good drip tray below the burners which avoid spilling of fluids in the storage.
  • The lighting system of this grill is superb as has an electronic ignition.
  • On the lip there is temperature gauge that measure’s the temperature inside without the need to open the lid.

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Shopping for a grill will require you to also consider what the manufacturer has to offer as warranty. Warranty will definitely protect you against any unexpected faults or breakdowns. As a premium grill Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP is made of stainless steel as a result a life time warranty is given on the workmanship.  The two burners and rotisserie burner have 10 years warranty.


Lynx L30PSFR-2-LP grill is designed with additional features that come hardy in making your grilling experience good. It is good to keep in mind that even with this good quality it good to read the manual offered by the manufacturer. Follow the instructions in regard to cleaning, using the grills and general maintenance.

In short when buying this grill it is good to keep in mind it has main burners and rotisserie burner. The lid is fixed with springs to allow easy opening and closing. To ensure even distribution of heat there are ceramic brickets above the main burners. The knobs at the front are easy to light and help regulate temperature fast. The electric ignition is good as one is able to heat up the grill very fast. The storage capacity will also allow you to keep your grilling tools and cooking spices. The cooking area is around 840 sq which good enough for average meals.

Although this grill is expensive it will not disappoint. It may not give back much value to some who rarely uses it, but for someone who does regular grilling this may be the best as it will allow different cooking methods and you can be able to cooking both tender and time consuming foods.

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