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Kawai ES100 Review 2020

Discover Kawai ES100 Review. The ES100 is an excellent portable piano that combines top quality graded hammer key action and 88-note piano sampling to give you an amazing experience.

In this page we are going to look at Kawai ES 100, find out its main features, specifications and what makes it one of the best portable digital pianos to purchase.

Piano Keys Polyphony Price
Kawai ES100 88 192 Check on Amazon

Kawai ES100 is one of the finest digital keyboards on the market. It is of high quality and comes with many amazing features that will blow your mind away.

The ES100 comes with a graded hammer action keyboard. It is highly realistic and provides the resistance you need. It also comes with eight different piano sounds.Kawai ES100

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Kawai ES100 Features


ES100 makes use of Kawai’s acclaimed Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology. It also features 88-key piano sampling which enables the creation of its impressive piano sound.

Sound Quality

The ES100 sound is as close to an acoustic grand piano. It also comes with 8 different piano voices to select as well as nineteen voices which are of excellent quality. With ES100, you can play even the complex pieces as it comes with 192 notes. The sound that comes out of the speakers is great.


Touch and feel of the ES100 is excellent, thanks to the Advanced Hammer Action IV, 88-note, and graded hammer action which comes with superb feel and sensitivity.

Built-in Alfred Lessons

It features lesson songs which you can use in your practice.

Song Recorder

Kawai ES100 provides you with an easy to use three-Song built-in Recorder. This makes it ideal for self-evaluation.

It also comes with dual and split modes for combining the voices, headphone jack, 192 notes of polyphony and 19 different voices.

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Kawai ES100 Main Features:

  • Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology
  • AHAIV-F Graded-Hammer Action
  • 88-Key Piano Sampling
  • 19 Sounds, Including 8 Exceptional Piano Sounds
  • 192-Note Polyphony
  • Dual and Split Modes
  • Built-in Alfred Piano Lessons
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker System
  • Damper Pedal with Half-Dampering
  • Available Matching Stand and Pedal Assembly

ES100 Primary Specifications – Kawai ES100 Specs

Keyboard:                           88 Weighted Keys
Action:                  Advanced Hammer Action IV-F
Internal Sounds:                               18 Voices
Polyphony:                         192 Notes
Keyboard Modes:                            Dual, Split
Internal Recorder:                           3 Song / 1-Track Recorder
Speaker System:                              (8 x 12 cm) x 2, 7 W x 2
Weight:                                33 lbs.
Dimensions:                       51.6″ (W) x 11.2″ (D) x 5.7″ (H)


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Quality sound
  • 192 notes of polyphony


  • A little expensive compared to other keyboards
  • Speakers are not extremely powerful

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